A Slightly Skewed View

Blog 2163 – 09.18.2021

A Slightly Skewed View

I saw the above quote and immediately twisted it a bit to read “the mind is an adjustable mirror, flex it to see a better world.” A lot of younger and older folks drink and do drugs to help them see the world in a better brighter light, but I have never found that necessary. I admit to having been fortunate to live a sheltered life as one of the Ten Intentions For A Better World that I follow says, “guided, guarded and protected.” But then I believe that we all are at birth assigned a legion of guardian angels not just one to watch over us. If we only had one he/she would look like the attached picture I am sure at times.

But, back to the point I was trying to share about how when we are driving down the highways or low-ways of life it is important to keep our rear view and side mirrors adjusted properly and to maintain as accurate as possible a full view perspective on life. We like every vehicle I have ever driven have blind spots. They make spot convex mirrors for those blind spots too. And other people are more than willing to reflect back at us a wider more correct view of ourselves too. And then don’t forget to call on all your angels.

I heard a mental health doctor say a couple of days ago that it is important to ask for help when we need it and that the sooner we do the easier and quicker course correction is possible. She was an Angel to says so. Yes, I believe in angels and in checking those mirrors often and adjusting them as needed. Have a wonderful, safe, and fun drive.

Your friend and fellow traveler.

Often myself, as you, another Angel in disguise,



Angels Among Us

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