Time In A Bottle

Blog 2162 -09.17.2021

Time In A Bottle

One of my favorite Jim Croce’s songs is Time In A Bottle:

Jim first wrote the lyrics to the song when Ingrid, his wife, announced that she was pregnant in December of 1970. I returned from my long hot summer (eleven months) in Vietnam in December of 1970. My lovely and loving wife was in her third year of college in Houston, Texas. We met briefly for the first time in 1973, but it would be fifteen years later before we would realized that Time In A Bottle was a song that we both loved and that Jim’s words were words expressing the sentiment of our shared heart.

The song was originally released on an album in 1972 and ABC, the label, had no plans to release it as a single, but after Jim’s tragic death in a plane crash in 1974 the song seemed so much more poignant, expressing the artist’s desire to have more time with the one he loved. Ingrid lost her husband and Jim’s barely two year old son lost his dad, still we will forever have a part of Jim’s heart in this wonderful song.

In a letter to my wife this morning I referred to Time In A Bottle and expressed my sincere belief that she and I have probably looked for and found each other in countless previous adventures in time and space and probably will in many more yet to come. It is not an original thought, but one garnered from many books and movies. Two movies that immediately come to mind are Chances Are with Sybil Shepard, Robert Downey Jr., and Ryan O’Neal and What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams, Annabella Sciorra, and Cuba Gooding Jr. In addition to Johnny Mathis’s wonderful song, Chances Are, the movie of the same name also has Peter Cetera and Cher doing a wonderful duet called After All.

Linda and my favorite lines from the song are:

“After all the stops and starts

We keep comin’ back to these two hearts

Two angels who’ve been rescued from the fall

After all that we’ve been through

It all comes down to me and you

I guess it’s meant to be, forever you and me, after all.”

The adventures continues…

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Time In A Bottle

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