See The Rainbow

Blog 2158 – 09.13.2021

See the Rainbow

Many of us allow a particularly painful or traumatic event in our lives to change our whole point of view on life. If you find yourself, always looking down, talking down, turn your head up and see the sunshine, see the clouds, and see the rainbow.

Charlie Chaplin was an entertainer, a clown, and like all of us he had his share of trials and tribulations, but I like the above quote, he kept looking up. People have said we should take the lemons of life and make lemonade out of them, but the tart somewhat sour taste of lemon brings out a rainbow of delicious tastes in other foods and is good for so much more than just lemonade. We have to open our mouth, our ears, our eyes to see all the possibilities.

Looking down all we see is the ground. Oh, even there we may find the occasional lucky penny. But it is looking up that we will see the rainbows.

How many have we already missed? Determine not to miss another? As an old Pastor, that I once idolized but came later to mistrust, used to say, and I still agree with this one, “Keep Looking Up.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Over the Rainbow

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