Adventures Together In Time And Space

Blog 2157- 09.12.2021

Adventures Together In Time And Space

Last weekend, in a resale shop, one of my favorite places to shop, I found the above little treasure and purchased it for my lovely and loving wife, Linda Lee. You see I am on a campaign to convince her that while she and I are still able to get around that we should make use of this little camper trailer that I have used to travel to and to work in Wyoming, Colorado, Indiana, Alabama, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Nebraska since I first bought it in 2012, to see all the places that we have not seen in the United States, but would like to see. I have long promised her a trip to Paris and have more than enough already for travel there and back and a week’s stay in the City of Lights set aside in my Paris Fund. But, as appealing as a week in Paris is to me, seeing the USA as the old Chevy commercial used to say is even more appealing.

I once thought that I would like to have the smallest Airstream that they make to share these adventures with my wife in, but this little home on wheels will do the job just fine, if I can just convince her to make the trips with me. She has visited me when I was working in all the states named above and we shared the close quarters of this little nineteen foot pull behind trailer just fine. I have worked in several other states and countries where the assignments were too short or cost prohibitive for her to visit me there: Alaska, Michigan, Virginia, Germany, Italy, and Scotland. Even with extra air in the tires our little mobile home could not have made those last three trips either.

We have been more fortunate than many couples to have already shared so many wonderful adventures in time and space. And so many of the precious little things along the way have been ours as well and the big ones too like a home, children, and jobs that paid well enough so that we could afford them and many extras many folks do not get to know. Some years ago Linda got a similar wall plaque to the one above for me:

One of my favorite songs from my youth was a hit song by Rick Nelson who went by Ricky when he first recorded it. It is called Travelin’ Man. I guess I always thought it would be fun like the sailor’s fantasy to have a lovely girl in every port, but I have realized as even a young Ricky Nelson did in his song Teenaged Idol that to have one true one was more than enough especially if she is willing to be your pretty señorita in ole Mexico, your Eskimo (Inuit princess) in Alaska, your sweet Fraulein down in Berlin Town, your China Doll down in ole Hong Kong, and your pretty Polynesian Baby on the sands of Waikiki, but most of all your American Beauty.

Thank you, my Linda Lee, for all the adventures we have shared in the past and those yet to be.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Travelin’ Man

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