Some Things Grow Better In The Shade

Blog 2159 – 09.14.21

Somethings Grow Better In The Shade

Contrary to the joke about Dolly Patton’s tiny feet some things do grow bigger and better in the shade. I do so love playing the Devil’s Advocate. First, let me say I do not believe in a literal Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, Ruler of an Eternal Burning Hell where the souls of those who do not live according to a rather arbitrary set of rules spend all eternity. As I have said, rather written, many times “Satan” literally means “Accuser of the Brethren (Sisters too)” and who does all that finger pointing and accusing better or more consistently than lying, slick, and shady in the worst sense of the word, ole Ego, that snake in our heart of hearts not just in the grass?

Being a Devil’s Advocate just means taking the opposing view, the road less travelled so to speak. Most of us have an overdeveloped herd mentality and little or no sales resistance when it comes to the hard, slick, and fast sell. George Orwell’s June 8, 1949 story, published just a little over a year before I came to America (was born into this adventure for you literal folk) called Nineteen Eight-Four or 1984 for short, is a distopian social science fiction novel about a world wide great con-job based on “fake news.” Some think it was a warning about Communism but I, the ole Devil’s Advocate think it was more about those who used Communism as a Paper Tiger, the worldwide Military Industrial Complex, the real puppet masters and war mongers always setting brother against brother and sister against sister for more profit and more power, whose actions speak louder than words, “Damn the greater good, it is all about me and mine, to hell with anyone else especially those who do not look like me or think like me.”

I found the pretty flowers above growing in the shade. Sometimes beautiful, bigger, and better things do grow there. Also there are some nasty and despicable things that grow right out in the open in the bright sunlight. We need to develop a little discernment, sales resistance, a healthy skepticism. All that gilders is not good, and gold is not everything.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Never Enough

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