For The Birthday Girl

Blog 2134 – 07.30.2021

For The Birthday Girl

For thirty-three years I have had the privilege of sharing Linda Lee Stokes’ birthdays with her, the first one we shared was in 1988. We have been together that long. Even when I have been out of town on work assignments these last nine years she has most often driven or flown over or up to share her birthdays with me. Perhaps because we both grew up in poor families, birthdays have always been especially important to us both. She more than anyone, even my beloved and dearly departed mother, has gone overboard to make my birthdays special and I have tried to make hers as well, sparing no expense to try make her birthdays all like Christmas in July.

“Happy Birthday, Dear Linda”

I’m so glad you stayed to share it

So cut the cake for Heaven sake

Love is sweeter when we pair it.

Thank you for each & everyday

Precious moments to remember

Especially your B-days July 30

And mine every 22 November.

It matters less if others remember

Or pause a short time out to take

To observe our personal holiday

A big fuss over us on it to make.

But you have and I thank you

And I have tried to do the same

The B-day song always sweeter

When I get to add your name.

“Happy Birthday, Dear Linda.”

Your loving husband,

Also friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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