Home To Stay

Blog 2133 – 07.29.2021

Home To Stay

I mentioned singer Josh Groban in yesterday’s blog and except for the fact that I have grown quite used to the sound of my own voice I might wish to have a voice a beautiful as his. In addition to Starry Starry Night (Vincent) I have sung many karaoke versions of Josh’s songs. One of my many favorites is the inspiration for today’s blog. Since about this time nine years ago, except for the year and a half I was off work due to the Covid-19 shut down of work in my trade, pipe line construction inspection, my home has been a nineteen foot pull behind trailer parked at the nearest campground RV park to the particular work assignment.

I bought my little home away from home on wheels in Green River, Wyoming on my way to Baggs, Wyoming for a five month work assignment there. I parked it at the Happy Camper RV Park just north of Baggs, a small town thirty miles north of the Colorado/Wyoming state line not far from Craig, Wyoming, the nearest town with a Walmart, a McDonald’s, and a movie theater, three things that I have found to be niceties if not necessities. Craig also has a Village Inn restaurant with family style food and great pies, just what growing boys and girls of any age find quite handy.

My lovely and loving wife Linda has driven up from Houston, Texas our home together for many years, to share our traveling home with me in Wyoming, Colorado, Alabama, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and now Nebraska. After this work assignment is over I plan to take our trailer to the family farm in South Carolina and store it there. From there I hope Linda and I will make several adventure filled road trips in the future. And when Covid-19 is finally eradicated world wide and travel restrictions are lifted I still hope Paris is on our itinerary. But, alas, the trailer even with a little extra air in the tires would not be suitable for such an excursion so it will have just to stay home for that one.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Home To Stay

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