Social Media, Great Gift or Trojan Horse?

Blog 2123 – 07.18.2021

Social Media, Great Gift Or Trojan Horse?

Cited as free speech, the hate speech of Social Media may yet bring about the downfall of western democracy. I for one am not so sure the unchecked profit motive of capitalism is trustworthy to guard the freedom and liberty that it purports too. The origin of Facebook was a frat prank to rate college girls and was started by a guy or several guys actually that fit the category of “born losers” I mentioned yesterday whose attitude toward women would purge them from the gene pool in one generation were it not for the Patriarchal Society they defend and maintain by their wealth and power.

A free society has never been their goal or aim but the continuation of a world order where a few rich and powerful white men control everything. Any religion or political system that defends such a feudal system is to me corrupt and ripe for revolution. I am reminded of the movie Network where a mad television network anchorman tells his audience to raise their windows and shout at the top of their lungs, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.” I am surprised a bit that the Women’s movement and the effort to secure the ratification of the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) which seemed so near when the movie Network came out in the mid-nineteen seventies lost it’s steam.

Ladies it is high time you stepped off that romantic pedestal and took you place as equal partners in everything, having equal pay and a true choice. Because you see this ruse could not have continued this long unless many of you too were complicit in it. In the same way the Democrats cannot continue to blame Republicans for losing ground on Voter Rights when there are those in their own numbers that support the antiquated and always discriminatory filibuster made up rule in the Senate. The Equal Rights Amendment would have been ratified long ago had women really been for it. You have traitors in your own numbers not just a powerful few misogynistic men standing against you, but multitudes of deceived women too. A woman’s place should be in the House, the Senate, and the White House not just making babies and being Susie Homemaker. Your skills and intuitive wisdom regarding relationships and fair play are needed everywhere in public life as well as family life. You have been taught by controlling men to sell yourselves short. We men have made mostly a terrible mess of things and left it for you to clean up. If you don’t soon there may be nothing left to clean up. Sadly, too many of the women who have risen to leadership in the corporate and political world have the same same damn the cost to society and the environment as long as greater and greater profit margins for investors are maintained foolish male mentality.

The encouraging word is this, women, your maternal instincts can and will prevail. Only you can save this world from a few greedy bastards who would sell their own mothers for a profit. Rise up, take charge. Before it’s too late.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Hoping 2021 will begin a decade of Women taking their rightful place,

David White

Yes, this is an opinion piece and I realize I could be wrong. But I ask anyone who disagrees to examine the reasons why carefully. There is so much at stake in this particular argument and Social Media has done great harm providing a platform where like The Inquirer magazine unsubstantiated claims can be pronounced as indisputable proven facts.

We owe it to ourselves and our posterity to do more critical thinking and not just to accept every sales pitch delivered by the profiteers and puppet masters.

All That We Let In

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