Deconstructing The Consensus Construct

Blog 2124 – 07.19.2021

Deconstructing The Consensus Construct

“What is Life?” the old joke goes. “It’s a magazine. How much does it cost? Two dollars. That’s too much. That’s life.”

This life will cost you all you have to give, but as my brief note from the Universe said this morning:

The most difficult subject that I had in my fifteen or so years of formal education was a Modern Math class in the eighth grade that I could never really get my mind around. Did I give it all I had? Probably not, though I tried to convince myself that I did. I did not want to accept that the “old math” was just not good enough. After a year of D-minuses in Modern Math I opted for an easy win in the Ninth Grade year, my first official year of High School and signed up for a class called General Math that was easy peezy and that I with little effort made A’s in on every report card that year. That easy math class which was really just a rehashing of basic arithmetic that I had mastered in elementary school, that plus Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, which I took when I transferred to an ancient county high school across town for my final three years of pre-college schooling, meant I had a major in math in high school without even having to take geometry or calculus. Higher or modern math alas is not and never has been my strong suite. I am a words guy, not a numbers guy. And there is nothing at all wrong with being either or even both of those. Different strokes for different folks.

The point, Crazy Dave, get to the point, if you even have one besides the one on your head barely disguised by the way you part that graying hair. Today’s point is this. Give life your best shot. Give it all you got. In is the only way to deconstruct the consensus construct that it is all and only about the bucks or just making a profit. In other words as it is written, “Whatever your hands find to do, do it with your whole heart.” The principle of diminishing returns is I believe superseded by a greater principle, “They that give the most, get the most out of life.” That is the why behind another great Good Book quote: “God loves a cheerful giver.” And the reason He/She always seems to give them more, because they have more room to receive it and know what to do with it, give it away.

Jesus was in the Temple one day with his posse and saw a poor grandma lady giving her two cents into the offering (two mites really, little copper coins smaller and worth less than a penny). He remarked to boys, “She gave the most.” Oh, others were giving bigger more expensive donations out of their abundance, but she gave all she had, all she had to live on, trusting the Great Giver would as she knew from experience give her back more than she had given.

Yesterday, was one of those days for a dear and special friend of mine who has always given away all she had to others. I trust she will be provided all she could ever want or need at just the right time and in just the right way by her loving and infinite source. Those words were part of my original mantra that I began repeating aloud daily over ten years ago. I have added to those words other encouraging words as I have been given them.

I heard a wise fellow say one time, “You cannot out give God. He has a bigger shovel.” She certainly has and still says to all who will hear, “Prove me and see if I will not open up the doors and windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing that you cannot receive.” Want more out of life? Make room. “All I have tried to hold on to, I have lost. But all I gave away, that I still possess.”

Give it all you’ve got and see what it gets you besides happiness.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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