The Breakfast Of Champions

Blog 2122 – 07.17.21

The Breakfast Of Champions

The breakfast cereal Wheaties has long claimed to be The Breakfast of Champions, paying big winners to endorse its product and putting their pictures on the box. But the favorite breakfast of true champions is the sweet kiss of the one they love. I am remind of Kevin Costner’s line to the lovely and enticing Susan Sarandon in the movie Bull Durham where he states categorically that he has no fondness for her baseball religion beliefs, but that he does believe in the curve ball and long slow kisses that last for days. Below is the full quote:

Some prudishly hypocritical religious folk may try to act offended at some of Crash’s word choices above, but I would not change a word of that wonderful speech and it touched Susan and Tim Robin’s hearts and those of audiences around the world as Kevin’s character described a baseball catcher’s belief system. Anyone might disagree on a point or two, but one who has experienced one of those kisses mentioned for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a mid-night snack will admit that they know what the true breakfast of champions ought always to be.

I hope if you cannot enjoy a hot nourishing breakfast this morning that at least you have a special memory of one to warm your heart. Someone has said that the root cause of much of the meanness and mischief in this world is an ever growing club of unintended and unwillingly celibate young men, middle aged, and old men, men unable for a host of reasons, usually stemming from unattractive opinions and behaviors regarding the fairer sex, to secure and keep a willing partner. (I could write a blog and have several on the premise that history proves women are in most if not all cases the most fair of the sexes in both ways the word fair is used.)

Even insensitive and language challenged macho males have been heard to wisely remark about some particularly atrocious behavior perpetrated by one of their peers, “Man, that guy needs to get laid.” What he and we all need is for somebody to really love us, and to share with each day at least one of those long, slow, deep, wet, soft kisses that feed the soul better anything else I can think of.

Good morning, have a nice breakfast, lovers. I plan to because my Baby is here with me.

Your friend and fellow travelers,

David White

After The Lovin’

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