A Word Of Tribute To Word Press

Blog 2101 – 06.26.2021

A Word Of Tribute To Word Press

Today is a milestone for me, as by my count I have posted over twenty-one hundred blogs on Word Press. Who knew over five years ago that I would be so prolific a blogger? I am grateful to Word Press for providing this excellent venue for developing a platform that quite literally reaches around the world. I recall early on when I had my first reader in another country, thinking that I always hoped one day that my encouraging words would be read around the world. Some writers may go for the numbers, but I find the greatest satisfaction in knowing that my love notes in the bottle called World Press are traveling far and wide and touching lives all over the globe.

I try to keep my topics varied, interesting, entertaining, and encouraging. Heaven knows there is enough bad news, tragic news, distressing, and depressing news out there. And earth knows we could use more uplifting stories and encouraging words.

Thank you, dear folks at Word Press, for creating this service for writers and readers alike. Many people who quickly went from short emails to even shorter texts filled mostly with OMGs and LOLs or Memes have bought into the notion that people just do not read anymore and that anything longer than a bumper sticker is just a waste of time and words. But that, I have ample statistics to prove, just is not true. My now over twenty-one hundred published blogs are viewed daily around the world and I still thrill when I see my encouraging words being looked at in yet another country.

Just yesterday another person signed up to receive the encouraging word each time I post. Unless as the preacher said, I am dead, dying, or in jail, I promise to meet each of you here each morning with something hopefully worth your while. Thank you, Word Press, for making this continuing conversation among friends possible.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Thank You For Being A Friend

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