Like Is Like A Rollercoaster

Blog 2102 – 06.27.2021

Life Is Like A Rollercoaster

One of my all time favorite movie quotes comes from the 1989 movie, Parenthood, starring Steve Martin, Dianne Wiest, and Mary Steinburgeen among a large cast of excellent actors. Steve plays a highly stressed out dad and Mary his wife and mother of their three children. Steve has just quit his “crappy” job because he has been passed over for what he believed was the promotion that he deserved and Mary has just announced that she is pregnant with their fourth child. Steve is not a happy camper and when Mary asks if he does not want her to have the baby he says it is her choice, that women have a choice, but that he has no choice but to beg his boss to get his crappy job back. At this point Mary’s mom, who lives with them, says that she will wait outside for them in the car and as she is leaving to do that adds: “You know some people like the carousel, but I always liked the rollercoaster best. The carousel just goes round and round, but the rollercoaster goes up and down, thrilling.” Steve’s face is steaming as you hear in the background the clanging of a rollercoaster climbing up to the highest point for the wild ride down. Mary says, “My mother is so wise.” Steven looks out the window after his mother-in-law and says with a smirk on his face, “If your mother is so smart, why is she getting into the neighbors’ car?

Today’s picture quote says it all. Oh, we can choose to ride the predictable carousel and just go round and round, but when life presents us with a rollercoaster ride as it often does we really only have two choices, to scream or enjoy the ride. Actually for some of us there is a third choice, not either or but both, to scream and enjoy the ride. Been there, done that, and got back in line to go again. Yee Ha.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

All Shook Up

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