The Magic Of Words Put To Melody

Blog 2100 – 06.25.2021

The Magic Of Words Put To Melody

I am a word guy, a poet, but even I appreciate the magic of a melody. Music not only has as the familiar quote says, charms to soothe the savage beast, but also possesses the magic to get a message past the sentinels of long held limiting beliefs right to the heart of hearts to change us from the inside out.

Music, better than debate, can reach across the aisle, bridge the distance, provide a path back to unity which is our birthright. How did we ever get so far apart on so many issues? Why, we had help, Satan, whose very name mean’s “Accuser of the brethren (sister-in too)” and whose true identity is not Morning Star or Lucifer, but is actually our own creation named Ego. We created him/her so we would have a false choice other than God, other than good. And every time we make that less than best choice the distance between us grows greater, or at least seems to, ego or Satan deals in illusion, for all that is real is divine and sublime, all else is illusion.

God said from the beginning “I love you, no matter what” and the first words out of our twisted little creature’s mouth were, “Does he/she really?” Doubt and fear are ego’s sharpest tools for they are the opposites of faith and love. Much has been written about faith, but at it’s most basic it is simply believing that we are loved, that we are loving, and that we are altogether lovely, for we are a part of Love, him/herself.

A sweet little song that I remember hearing a beautiful angel sing when I was a young man goes:

“ I was made in his likeness

Created in his image

For I was born to serve the Lord.”

In three melodious lines, there you have in in a nutshell, Who and Whose we truly are, have always been, and will always be. Another song says, “We are One in the Spirit, we are One in the Lord, and we pray that our unity will one day be restored.” I say Amen and A-women to that.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

No Matter What

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