Blog 2065 – 05.21.2021


Two of the most common reactions to change are nervousness and excitement, the later being the most fun. Tonight is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner of my one and only son Jay and is sweetheart Lauren’s wedding tomorrow. Yesterday, I texted him: “Nervous?” and he replied back quickly, “Excited.”

My wife and I and all who know and love this young couple are wishing them the highest and best which will come easiest to the both of them if they do their best to maintain an attitude of gratitude and excitement about all the changes that their new life together will bring to them.

Sad and countless are the stories of lives shipwrecked or stuck because of an inability to accept the changing winds of fortune. And even more of lives lived on the edge of nervous exhaustion at the thought of some pending disaster, imagined or real. My buddy Paul, not the former Beatle, nor the Australian poet, but the author of most of the New Testament always wrote of his pending travel plans excitedly with anticipation of even the trials and potential adversaries along the way.

Even as I practice the Ten Intentions for a Better World that I site often and try my best to “refrain from opposing or harming anyone” that is not to say that occasionally someone else might for whatever reason not feel the same way toward me or that the winds of changes might bring some sort of “dust up” my way.

None of us always agrees nor is every situation agreeable. Even wedded bliss can wear an occasional blister. As the old preacher remarked, we are personally responsible for our attitude and actions and that even his sage advise might be from time to time flawed. He said with a knowing smile, “If you rub a blister boy, you’ve got to sit on it.”

I think both Jay and Lauren have found the other more than any other to fill their lives with joy and excitement. And yes, they may experience, brave and positive as they both are, an anxious or nervous moment from time to time, but it will pass. It is up to them to keep the adventure and the excitement alive in their lives and in their marriage. Some version of “Do you take this man, this woman?” will be ask of them every day for the rest of their lives. Remember, beloved children, with excitement to say as you will tomorrow to each other, “I will, I do.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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