The Birthday Lizard

Blog 2064 – 05.20.2021

The Birthday Lizard

My wife is great-aunt to her lovely read-headed sister Sarah’s grandson, Conner. Yesterday Michele’s baby boy turned teenager and for his thirteenth birthday received a pet lizard, something he had carefully lobbied for over the last several months, Michelle and her mom Sarah are not keen on the idea of a live cricket and worm eating Australian desert lizard in the house, but Conner and his younger brother Carter seemed quite thrilled at the arrival of their new family member. Packer, their one hundred and ten pound furry Golden Retriever, laying on the floor with feet up soliciting tummy rubs from all the birthday dinner guest, seemed unimpressed by the new glass encased critter vying for the affections of his boys.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Connor’s two great grandmas were also at the dinner party and seemed not nearly as thrilled about the new pet as the boys and their male relatives – dad Jacob, uncles Greg and Era, great granddad Don, and great uncle Dave (me.) Of the ladies in attendance, mother Michelle, grandmothers Sarah and Joy, great aunt Linda, and aunt Christina only my wife Linda and Grandma Joy made the trek up the steep stairs to Conner’s room to see his new Baby Bearded Dragon Australian buddy.

Forgive me, Connor, I do not recall your new buddy’s name, though you mentioned it several times.

If my poet Australian buddy Paul sees this, I hope he smiles at my attempt to get all the details right regarding a critter indigenous to his beloved Australian. If I got any of the specifics wrong Conner I am sure will correct me. For a lizard this particular variety has many specific requirements regarding diet, environment and many others that I will not even attempt to innumerate. A baby bearded dragon is, or at least it so sounds to me, a high maintenance pet. But, then those types of pets, ladies and gents, are the most enjoyable creatures often times.

As the small gathering broke up and we were leaving the birthday boy and his immediate family and after refreshing hugs all around, all us adults having had both our COVID-19 vaccinations, as we were about to get into our vehicles for the drive to our respective abodes, we looked up to see that divine inverted rainbow smile. It seemed like the whole Universe was as pleased as Conner was at all his birthday gifts, especially his new long-tailed charge.

Your friend and fellow traveler,


Over The Rainbow

2 thoughts on “The Birthday Lizard

  1. When my 11 year old granddaughter Zoe’s guinea pig died, her next pet was and is a leopard gecko named Pickles. She looks a bit like a narrow paler version of a banana with spots. Zoe loves her! As the old adage goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


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