This Lloyd’s Day

Blog 2060 – 05.16.2021

This Lloyd’s Day

Sunday, the first day of the week, is referred to as the Sabbath by many Christians. Technically it is not, but Saturday is as the actual seventh day of the week. The Jewish religion is the true origin of over half of Christian beliefs, their book, the Old Testament canon being the first thirty-nine of the Christians sixty-six book Bible with the additional twenty-seven books being called the New Testament. Several other Christian sects, most notably the Seventh Day Adventists, set aside Saturdays to worship choosing the Genesis seventh day of rest originally designated in it’s Creation Story.

Christians, and fifty years ago there were over five thousand different denominational churches and groups who claimed to be Christian, like all religious people, club, and political party members think themselves wholly right and everyone else mostly wrong or mistaken. It is both sad and comical that many Christians do not even realize that they are but members of a sect of a relatively new religion in the branch of the religion that teachers and students of such things refer to as the Judaeo-Christian tradition.

In 1996, Tom Arnold, former husband of Roseanne Barr who a couple of years ago got herself fired from the relaunch of her once popular TV series for her unpopular racial remarks…anyway Tom made a very funny movie, in 1996 called The Stupids, about a very stupid family (not the Connors) the father of which, played by Tom, deserves some kind of an important award for his stupidity.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is where Tom’s character believes he has met God in a large dark auditorium where he had stopped to pray for guidance in his quest to find and take down his arch nemesis Bob Keeshan, the actor most famous for his role as Captain Kangaroo, the host and star of CBS’s long running children’s program. Only Mister Stupid could have ever envisioned Captain Kangaroo or Bob Keeshan as in anyway a bad guy.

After concluding his prayer request for guidance, Mr. Stupid hears a voice he assumes to be that of God saying something like, “What are you doing here, are you lost, may I help you.” In reality it is the janitor, a well spoken black gentleman in a green work uniform with Lloyd embroidered over one of the shirt pockets. When Tom answers the voice, “Yes, Lord,” the the green clad divinity says, “That’s Lloyd,”pointing to his shirt. Tom just assumes the name Lord must have been mistaken in translation having been passed down so many years as so many things have been perhaps changed or lost in translation that way.

Be that as it may or may not be, I wish you all a happy Lloyd’s Day however you choose to observe it, as a day of rest, celebration, or some serious fishing. Instead of the more traditional bachelor’s party my son is taking a fishing trip to Matagorda Bay today with several of his buds probable most if not all of his I Do Crew, (Jon, the groom, his best man Matt, James, and two other John’s as additional groomsmen.) Sounds a lot like Jesus’ posse to me and they too were fishermen, many of them, and all fishers of men. I hope the guys have a big catch and lots of fun. Jay and they are all under orders from Lauren, the bride to be, to not get sunburned and in so doing run the risk of spoiling the wedding pictures. Use the sun block men. The forecast is cloudy with a chance of showers and more than a chance of water reflected sunburn from surf fishing. Party hardy boys on Jay’s last outing as a single guy.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And proud father of the groom,

David White–thH14sFzV2pqamWT6/view?usp=drivesdk

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