Great Catch

Blog 2061 – 05.17.2021

Great Catch

Yesterday, a line of thunderstorms came up from the Gulf of Mexico across Matagorda Bay and the greater Houston area. I waited till afternoon not wanting to intrude on my son’s last surf fishing trip as a bachelor with his buds, to text and see if the rain had spoiled their catch. He texted back right away that they did catch a few, but were heading back early. In my text to him I said that I had mentioned his “I Do Crew” in my daily blog yesterday hoping that he and they might take a look at it.

I shamelessly promote wherever I go and to whomever I meet. A week from tomorrow I plan to head to Nebraska for a supposedly six month long work assignment. Had Jay’s wedding not been long ago planned for this Saturday I could have already been on my way there since my new boss called Friday saying that he had had his number one inspector leave him and could I come early. I reminded him of my son’s wedding this Saturday and he said something I never thought I’d ever hear a construction manager say, “Well, that wedding is way more important than this job.” I think I am really going to enjoy working for this man. I explained that I had planed to start driving that way on Tuesday morning next, and to be at the KOA in North Sioux City, South Dakota by Friday the twenty-eighth, several days ahead of my June first start date, but that I could call the KOA and change my reservation arrival time and leave the morning after the wedding, make it a two day drive instead of three and be ready to work Wednesday the twenty-sixth. He mentioned the job parameters might change and involve covering several cities instead of just Wayne, Nebraska, so I ask if my locating in North Sioux Falls might also need to change. He said not to change anything right away that he would give it some thought and get back to me.

I admit the number one inspector job sound more interesting and challenging but Jay and Lauren’s Day I do not want to miss. Also I am sure that after I get a chance to perform my duties for my new boss that I have a good shot at becoming his number one inspector anyway. I read in Proverbs many years ago something every good boss and good employee knows well: “A good worker is worth of the company of kings.” I have commented more than once regarding the great construction crews that it has been my privilege to inspect for that they have indeed made me feel like a king. But that feeling will have to wait a few more days, at least till after Queen Lauren and King Jonathan’s Day, this Saturday. Both have I think made a great catch.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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