This Is The Day That The Lord And I Have Made…

Blog 2059 – 05.15.2021

This Is The Day That The Lord And I Have Made…

Honoring the Sabbath or day of rest is a tradition that many both religious and non religious people do not seem to have a problem with. Fact is a lot of people liked having one day off a week so much that they made it two and called it a weekend and look forward to it all the work week long. Actually many play so hard on their two days off that they have to come back to work just to rest up for the next weekend.

Sometime in their late thirties to early fifties many of these party hardy people begin doing their hardest partying on Friday and Saturday evenings and start saving Sundays as a rest and recovery days for Monday back at work days. This practice as much as any has helped give Mondays a bad name.

The Apostle Paul wrote many years ago that some honor one day above others and some honor all days the same. I am in that second crowd, believing that today, whatever day it is, is my very favorite day. Thank you for this day, Spirit, is my constant prayer. Today happens to be a Saturday. In one week, my only begotten son Jonathan will wed his beautiful Lauren. I hope it will be a day that they and all who know and love them will celebrate for the rest of their lives. It will be an easy day for me to remember because I will turn seventy and one half years old on that day. Many people my age stopped celebrating half birthdays in their first decade, not me. This November twenty second while Jay and Lauren celebrate their first six months of wedded bliss I will be celebrating that as well but also the fiftieth anniversary of my twenty first birthday. Everyday is indeed Christmas if we choose see it that way or as the great philosopher and Muppet bandleader Doctor Tooth says, “There’s a party all the time for them that choose.”

What would you do if you knew that today would be your last day, at least this go round? My sentiments exactly, “Party on, dudes!” Whether it is a “finally awake” party or a “final wake” party there is always some place, some thing, or some one to celebrate.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Come Monday

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