Long Ago And Far Away

Blog 2039 – 04.25.2021

Long Ago And Far Away

Long ago and far away, an idea was conceived, a dream was born. It was not just in the mind of one but three, the Universe, you, and me. Three minds in agreement. The word is that wherever two or three are gathered He/She is there and anything that two or more agree upon they shall have. That is the secret, that is how this dream works – your will, my will, Thy will be done.

Long ago and far away the orchestra began tuning up for tonight’s performance. Invitations were engraved, tickets printed, and sent to all family and friends for the performance of a lifetime – yours and mine, Thine. To paraphrase the word again: “Seeing as we are encompassed about with so great a crowd of witnesses let the show begin, the dream unfold.”

The producers of tonight’s entertainment want to thank you for attending, for bearing witness to their production and also to request that you hold your applause till the completion of the performance. There will be a cast party after the show to which all participants including all the watchers are invited. You were not just guests, but an important part of the play after all. And after the party there will be a strategy meeting regarding future productions, where all ideas are welcomed.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Producer, performer, and watcher,

David White


Sweet Baby James & Long Ago and Far Away

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