A Few Well Chosen Words

Blog 2038 – 04.24.2021

A Few Well Chosen Words

It is the goal of every poet, singer, and writer to find a few well chosen words just right for the occasion. A far more welcome reward than awards or big royalties or book or movies deal is an occasional sincere, “Your words said what I was thinking and really helped me in a particular situation.” Granted those kind of comments are few and far between, but these are the Oscars, the Pulitzers, the Nobels that true word smiths are after.

One book of many books that has long been read and quoted says in one of its many proverbs that “a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” A more modern rendering is the accolade that a certain good talker, writer or singer is a silver tongued wizard. Wizards are known for casting spells and for breaking the bondage chains of ignorance and stupidity with the words.

Well, I cannot honestly say that I have not broken any chains lately nor weaved any intricate spells with my words, but if I have been a bit entertaining, enlightening, or most of all encouraging I have hit the mark that I daily set for myself.

Someday, some piece of mine might win some kind of an award or be appreciated enough that someone shares it with a friend or two (Please do with my permission and gratitude.) I do not write or sing to enrich myself, but to share freely what I have freely received. The Apostle Paul who never accepted a regular wage for his work with the Word nevertheless wrote that he believed that a workman was worthy of his wage. My reward for my efforts in these daily blogs is the satisfaction of knowing that occasionally I think I really nailed it, said it well, hit the mark.

To paraphrase the words of a song that I heard long ago as a boy and still appreciate today as it replays often in my heart and mind, “If I can help somebody along life’s way then my living (writing and singing) shall not be in vain (or without it’s own reward.)

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White



Writer & singer’s note:

Singing sensation:

may be better known these days for his recent TV commercial campaign for PepsiCo’s Bubly Sparkling Water brand, but his song of a few years back, Everything, which I just attempted to cover, really nailed it for me. Thank you Michael B. for your gifted voice and encouraging words in song.

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