It Is All About You

Blog 2040 – 04.26.2021

It Is All About You

False humility aside, this adventure in space and time really is all about you. This is your dream and just like the old Sci-Fi TV show Outer Limits, you control the picture, the horizontal, you control the vertical, the focus. One of my favorite sermon illustrations from days gone by describes the relationship of Creator to Creature in terms of the smelter producing fine gold, heating it hotter and hotter till the impurities flow to the top where they are skimmed off and at last the artisan can see his own face clearly reflected.

Wherever we look, we see staring back at us, only ourself, the divine self, for there is only One and She/He/We are it, hence the great and everlasting importance of learning to love everything and everyone. That like the little boy describing why dogs do not live as long as people, is why we are all here – to learn to love. Beside and slightly above the two eyes we have set to look outwardly we have a third eye which when turned outward helps us to discern the truth of what we see there and when turned inward reveals that all that we see outwardly is only a reflection of the larger world within us.

I recently heard some one ask another person what they thought of the Big Bang, not the TV show, but the commonly excepted scientific theory of how it all began with the entirety of matter being compacted into a space about the size of a baseball and then Bang, there was a explosion and the Universe has been expanding outwardly ever since, the presumption being it will continue to for a long time to come, if not forever. A bit hard to swallow? The person asking the question was a critic of religion, but had to admit that the Virgin Birth seemed to him a far easier theory to swallow. That is quite a mouth full.

Like you, I have over the course of my journey thus far chucked more than a few and developed a few newer theories of my own. My wife, my dearest love, and harshest critic, accuses me of often acting like a know-it-all. I try to assure her that I do not think that I know it all but that I have, I think, figured out a thing or two. It is the great trade off between youth and age. With youth comes energy and beauty and with age comes a fading of both, but in their place experience and wisdom. If, and I quote one wiser than myself, we learn but one thing new everyday, and we should, after ten thousand days we should start to put a few things together.

The picture quote theme of today’s blog is one of those big pieces to the puzzle of life. “We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.”

We are beautiful, we are powerful, we are wise, we are holy, and we are whole. Everything else is an illusion or a misperception. Someday the word says we shall know even as we are known. See yourself in the mirror yet? Look a little closer.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Not That Different

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