Meet Samantha 1904, Chapter 2

Blog 2019 – 04.05.2021

Meet Samantha 1904, Chapter 2

Meet Samantha 1904, Chapter 2

Stories about “Haves and Have Nots” abound and Samantha’s and Nellie’s story it just such a story, the story of a rich and privileged little girl and that of a servant girl about her own age. Learning to see life from the point of view of others is a wonderful lesson in discovery. Today, Samantha has a driving lesson from her Uncle Gard and learns that a new girl is coming to stay in Grand Mary’s house.

Life is for both the young and old a story about change and how well we adapt to change says a lot about us. I recall an obscure Proverb that says something along the line that talking too often or too fondly about the past is a silliness. Change is the norm and the illusion of sameness or that one time is more special than another is indeed a silliness. A line from a nineteen-fifties popular song, Primrose Lane, comes to mind, “Life’s a holiday on Primrose Lane.”

Yesterday was a special holiday for many for many reasons and not just the one that Christians have touted since they tried to make it exclusively their own. One of the early Christian writers wrote, “Some value one day above another, others all days alike” which calls to mind, to me, another Bible verse, “This is the day that the Lord (and I) have made. I will be glad in it.”

Yesterday, I watched again the nineteen seventies version of The Poseidon Adventure staring Gene Hackman as a preacher who believes that self reliance on that bit of God we all possess within us is the true adventure. It seems that I have been discovering that lesson for longer than I knew. Namaste, friends, I bow to the deity within you and within myself. As the little heart in my pocket reads, “Thank you for this day, Spirit. I am Holy I am Whole.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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