Meet Samantha 1904, Chapter 1

Blog 2018 – 04.04.2021

Meet Samantha 1904, Chapter 1

Meet Samantha 1904, Chapter 1

Today I begin the six chapter American Girl book, Meet Samantha 1904. After our son Jonathan who turn thirty-one just yesterday was three years old my wife decided that he needed a baby sister so we went to great lengths, the both of us, to make that happened, alas after several surgical procedures and two miscarriages we concluded that was not to be and several years later when Jon was ten we decided to get him a puppy instead. Two of the names we had picked out for girls were Samantha and Tara and so we decided to name our new Beagle puppy, Samantha.

I used to say affectionately of our Samantha that she was not the brightest bulb on the tree, but that she sure was pretty. I think you will agree about the pretty part and trust me that she was more than bright enough to brighten our lives.

The individual breeder of pedigreed Beagle pups that we bought her from told us that if we fed her only dog food and took care of her that she would probably live fourteen years and we were pleased that she did that and a little more.

Samantha did cry the first few nights away from her first pack but soon came to accept the three of us as her new pack and felt right at home with us. She had a good life and ours lives were broadened and brighten by her being a part of them. Samantha has been gone from us several years now but lives, runs, and romps through the many precious memories of her that the three of us will carry always.

I hope you enjoy meeting Samantha in the American girl story and I wish you could have met our Samatha. She was indeed our Beagle as Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s. I can still see Samantha doing her happy dance when we came home to her each day from work and school. Samantha you are missed.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Three Times A Lady

Oh, Yes, and Happy Easter to those of you who observe the holiday.

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