Meet Samantha 1904, Chapter 3

Blog 2020 – 04.06.2021

Meet Samantha 1904, Chapter 3

Meet Samantha 1904, Chapter 3

I am five pounds from reaching my goal this morning. And the little phrase that has been a part of my long morning mantra, “I Mirror You” which I originally thought up to go with 1 – 6 – 3 will soon be a daily reminder not of my goal weight but of the weight I intend to religiously maintain by eating only what is good for me and no longer the comfort food that I have for long been too fond of.

Life reminds me of the carnival attraction called the house of mirrors. All around is reflected back at us just ourself from every angle. Some almost four months ago when some scary blood work from my annual physical stirred me to correct my diet and remove a lot of the fat in my life, I pledged to reach a more ideal weight for my height. My target weight that I picked near the middle of the range for a five foot ten inch tall male is one hundred and sixty three pounds. That is only eight pounds more than I weighted when I graduated high school almost fifty two years ago and a far cry lighter than I weighed in on last December 21st – a lifetime high of two hundred and eight pounds.

The whole world around us and every person and thing in it is saying to us each moment, “I Mirror You” – reflecting back at us a glimpse of ourselves that our blind spots might otherwise prevent us from seeing. “I see life in all things and honor it as if in were my own (for indeed it is.)” So my little mantra phrase has a lot more meaning than achieving and maintaining my ideal weight, it is a reminder to keep my heart and my mind, my arms and my hands, my mouth, ears, and eyes open to all the Universe has for me, and is ever reflecting back at me, at us, that One Great Self. “Till we find Him/Her in the mirror, we’ve go a long way to go.”

Happy trails to you…to us all. God is all in all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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