1854 Meet Kirsten, Kirsten Learns A Lesson

Blog 2017 – 04.03.2021

1854 Meet Kirsten, Kirsten Learns A Lesson


1854 Meet Kirsten, Kirsten Learns A Lesson

Some of us have come to believe that no matter what we do or what comes our way that we cannot lose, but that our only true options in this life are “to win some or learn some.” The old adage, “winners never lose because winners never quit,” is a favorite of mine. The greatest lessons and the greatest prizes wait just beyond what at the moment may seem a like a terrible loss.

Difficult times are just the training grounds for future success. Think this just Pollyanna none sense? It is not, but the voice of experience and experience works patience. In one of my favorite Nicolas Sparks books made into a movie, The Lucky One, a grandmother, played by actress Blythe Danner, tells a twenty-five year old marine, played by Zack Efron, that people when they get older learn to be thankful for the memories they have without being consumed by regret for the ones that they did not get a chance to make. This is a lesson life will teach us if we allow it. Life can indeed become the win-win we are all looking to find.

On this Easter Eve when many are getting ready to celebrate the Resurrection of their king and even more to enjoy Easter eggs and chocolate Easter bunnies, I am reminded that this holiday too was a holiday long before the Church took it over to honor the Christ. It is named for a pre-Christian goddess in England called Eostre who was celebrated at the beginning of spring. Spring always seems an especially big win after a long, cold, and snowy winner. Happy and warmer spring days are always something to look forward to, though I am also a rain, snow, and cold loving guy.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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