1854 Meet Kirsten, America in 1854

Blog 2016 – 04.02.2021

1854 Meet Kirsten, America in 1854


1854 Meet Kirsten, America in 1854

Kirsten’s story is but one story of many American immigrant stories. And her’s is just one snapshot of one particular place in America in 1854. I was privileged some years ago between work assignments to winter in Wisconsin in the small town of Mineral Point. The town was founded and built by Welch miner immigrants who brought their families and came to work the lead mine there. The stone buildings on High Street still look much the same as they did in 1854. With the lamp posts decked out for Christmas and a good snow the town was like something out of a Charles Dickens novel. I enjoyed very much my stay there.

In the far north country the camp grounds close down from November to April so I had to leave my little home on wheels winterized in the camp ground in Lone Rock, Wisconsin and stay in a motel in Mineral Point till winter was pretty much over and the work crews were out in force again in the Spring. It gave me the chance to really get to know the town of Mineral Point. Nothing like the investment of time makes any friend, old or new, come alive for us.

The greatest gift we have to share is our time. Remember that before buying that expense gift or gift card for your friends or loved ones birthdays. Back before emails and texts when people use the Post Office snail mail to deliver birthday cards people actually had to spend a few moments of their precious time to shop for the perfect birthday card and some even though they had picked one with just the right words still felt it necessary to write a few additional words to make it even more personal.

Hopefully we will get Covid under control soon and friends can get together and celebrate birthdays and special days again in person. Tomorrow is my son Jonathan’s thirty-first birthday. And my wife Linda and I are supposed to meet Jonathan and his fiancée Lauren and eat together. We are looking forward to that. Linda and I, because of our age have had both of our Covid vaccinations and Lauren too because she is a nurse but Jonathan has yet to get his. Hopefully he will soon when they are available to everyone his age.

A dear friend that I met in Mineral Point has a granddaughter, Amelia, who turns two tomorrow on Jay-Day, now A-Day too. I mailed Amelia a birthday card yesterday. It has a Hello Kitty listening to a radio on the front and a nice printed birthday greeting inside. It will arrive late, but that is not such a big deal for two year olds and so my personal note which if I know her Ya Ya and Amelia’s parents, and I do, will read to her says “early and late birthday gifts are always more special – Amelia you are a special birthday girl.” To my long time special birthday boy and almost new birthday girl I say, “Happy Birthday, and many happy returns.” And the same to each and all of you, my dear and special friends, early, late, and on your own special days. Thank you for being a friend.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Thank You For Being A Friend

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