A Wrinkle In Time, Chapter 6

Blog 2004 – 03.21.2021

A Wrinkle In Time, Chapter 6


A Wrinkle In Time, Chapter 6

What is a wrinkle? The dictionary defines it as:

I happen to believe like today’s ending song, Hallelujah, that every word can be an encouraging word when heard properly, that “there’s a blazing light in every word. It doesn’t matter which you heard, the holy or the broken hallelujah.” It does not even matter which comes first the holy or the broken in the song for they are in a very real sense synonyms. It was one of the holy ones, and indeed we all are, who said, “This body is broken for you.”

Our wrinkles like our flaws are those tiny cracks in our outer facades that allow the light within us to shine out. Even our most guarded and unguarded heated words betray us and reveal us as children of light no matter how bent or broken we wrongly perceive ourselves to be, we are wholly holy.

Love let’s us see the best not only in others but in ourselves as well. You don’t need a time machine to see that played out in lives present, past, and future.

Many see scars and wrinkles and spend great amounts of money on “beauty treatments” designed to make them disappear or on makeup to cover them up. Scars and wrinkles are badges of honor for the most heroic act of all, surviving in this time space jungle, never giving up till the last act of love is done, the last encouraging word of love is spoken and written.

Two thousand four and hopefully seven thousand, nine hundred, and ninety six encouraging word blogs to go, so help me Bob.

Have a fun Sunday, dear ones.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White



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