A Wrinkle In Time, Chapter 5

Blog 2003 – 03.20.2021

A Wrinkle In Time – Chapter 5


A Wrinkle In Time – Chapter 5

The twelve chapters, episodes, of A Wrinkle In Time, are providing me twelve chances in a row to write about the importance of making the most of our time. I was talking with my wife’s beloved mom yesterday (She is my mom too especially since my own mother passed almost twenty-one years ago.) I heard myself say to her, “We all must choose whether we believe in Luck or in Someone who cares about us, guiding and providing for us exactly what we need in every situation.” If we choose the first we believe we are tossed like a cork in the ocean or a feather on the breeze at the mercy of chance. And if we truly believe the second we can accept whatever comes our way as a gift, resting assured the outcome will work for our good.

It easy enough to have such faith when things are going our way. I went on to remark to mom that I have seen it from both sides. I remember during my atheist years thinking it was easy for sports figures whose team had just won a championship to thank God for the win but no one ever seemed to be thankful for a loss, a house or loved one taken, or for a seeming tragedy like a cancer diagnosis.

The Bible story of Job, illustrates not mad crazy faith but the devotion of one who truly believed in his benevolent benefactor no matter how the gift at first appeared. His line, “Though he slay me yet will I serve Him” speaks of an unshakable faith. I confess, trying hard as I have sometimes, that I have never achieved that level of confidence in anyone, let alone myself, but still I see that as the ideal to be sought after, and to be pursued with determination.

Each morning now for some weeks since I started carrying my little Open Your Heart medal in my pocket, I begin my brief, but ever growing longer morning recited mantra with:

“My heart and my mind are open

My arms and my hands are open

My mouth, ears, and eyes are open

To all the Universe has for me.”

Not just the sweet stuff, the easy to swallow stuff, but the vegetables and the nasty tasting medicine too. I have found it is all good. I often quote the Bible, or from movies I have seen or songs that I have listened to, and sung, but today I quote a wise Chinese philosopher:

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Nick Of Time

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