ABC I Like Me

Blog 1997 – 03.14.2021

ABC I Like Me

ABC I Like Me

What’s not to like when we learn and for sure Who and Whose we truly are. Young children seem to have this knowledge early on and face the world with excitement and anticipation. But, sadly too many are soon reprogrammed by the adults in their lives to doubt their Royal heritage and self worth and come to believe they are somehow “less than.” No one is less than anyone else and it is truly people with great inferiority complexes who need constant reassurances outside themselves that they are better than others – smarter, prettier, better than the average bear.

I like this book and I am so glad that after a long period in my life of not liking myself that I finally came back to a place where I do again. I can tell you sincerely that this is the secret to seeing the best in others – learning to see and to appreciate the good in ourselves. We are a mixed bag as are others with challenges which make like interesting. It is meant to be that and so much fun to boot and believe me it is for those who learn to love God and others “as they love themselves.” Have trouble believing in God? You won’t when you learn to see Him/Her/Them in yourself, in others, and it everything. God is by definition, “All in all.”

Anybody seen God lately? Look in the mirror, look real hard. The family resemblance is unmistakable. Go ahead tell the person smiling back at you, the three words that they and everyone needs to hear themselves from the one who knows them best. Say it daily, “I love you.” Those of you who have trouble saying “I love you” to anyone might work up to it with a few well-practiced I Like You(s) to start.

This piece calls to mind a song from my youth by the Brit band Gerry and the Pacemakers. Here I share the first couple of verses with you:

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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