Old MacDonald

Blog 1995 – 03.12.2021

Old MacDonald


Old MacDonald

“Ee, Eye, Ee, Eye Oh” down on ole MacDonald’s farm now there’s a familiar refrain. Children love animals sounds and teaching them to make them is great fun for one and all. I remember well that my daughter Emily and son Jonathan both had pull toys when they were small that all you had to do was point the dial at the animal of your choice and pull the chord to hear over and over again “The cow goes ‘Moo” or “The duck goes “Quack” and a host of other animal sounds.

What do we as adults say most often when someone pulls our string? Is it “No”, “Not now”, or “I can’t”? When did we let life rob us of our true choice, our true voice? Having in my mid-life soured on the narrow fundamentalist religion in which I grew up I chucked religion altogether for a long while but gradually I began to investigate other alternative religions. I found most all of them fascinating if equally hard to swallow in their entirety. They all had something appealing about them though. I was particularly intrigued by the First People’s idea that we all relate to a certain spirit animal. Mine is the wolf they say. Well, werewolf stories always did have a certain appeal to me and looking up to see a full moon I always feel an urge to howl.

Ever wander what your spirit animal is? Nonsense, you say, but no more so than most all religious training is. Can you say, Moo, Bow Wow, or Quack like a duck. Too adult for that, well try just saying without worrying about the consequences, and without hesitation or reserve, “Yes”, “This very moment” and “Sure I can.” Give it a chance let it grow on you, howl a little louder.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Werewolves of London

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