Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 21

Blog 1982 – 02.27.2021

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 21

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 21

Today’s chapter, the next to the last, is titled, The Last Day, and it is for our dear Charlotte. She has some heartbreaking news for her award winning and cute but clueless friend Wilbur and an assignment for him to keep something safe and secure in his mouth. Charlotte entrusts to her beloved Wilbur the most precious thing she has, her progeny, her babies.

In addition to the heart shaped medallion mantra that I carry in my pant pocket that has “Thank you for this day, Spirit” on one side and “I am Holy, I am Whole” on the other, for a couple of months now I have been carrying also another heart shaped charm that on one side has a picture of a heart within a heart and on the other side the words, “open your” and a small heart.

This second heart shaped medallion mantra inspired me to add to my morning recited mantra these words:

“My heart and my mind are open

My arms and my hands are open

My mouth, ears, and eyes are open

To all the Universe has for me.”

It is not enough to be open for just the “good” stuff the U. sends our way. We must learn to be glad and grateful for the “bad” stuff too at least till our hearts and eyes are truly opened to see as God eyes do that everything works to our good. There is a verse in the New Testament that reads, “Even what they intend for my hurt He works for my good.”

A week or so ago I returned from my morning bike ride in the dark and rode my bike up into the driveway to find that someone had stollen the tailgate off the back of my truck. It was a sad sight, but I was not angry, disillusioned, nor hurt, just surprised.

My first thought honestly was “How did they do it?” The truck and therefore the tailgate was locked, still it was gone. But then locks do not deter thieves, they only make them more ingenious. My second thought was, “Try to see the good in this.” I admit it takes practice and sometimes more than a little thought, but I did finally. I had dented the tailgate that was stollen and I had always wished it was lined on the back but was not willing to pay to have the dents repaired nor a lining installed on the back. I sent out an intention that I would be able to find a replacement tailgate at as near my insurance deductible as possible (I knew that if I filled a claim I would have to pay everything over $500 dollars and that my insurance rates would go up to more than pay back anything the insurance company had to pay out. Insurance companies are not in the business of giving money away but to make money for themselves.) I had three more add ons to my intention regarding the replacement tailgate, that it be dent free, white to match the truck, and have a protective lining on the back. A friend of my son’s, his lifelong pal Matt, who is a long time employee at a Dodge dealership, found me a used one at a nearby auto salvage yard the price just two hundred over my deductible. It was white, with everything including a working back up camera, and even a liner on back. The man who carried it out to the truck even took a few moments to install it for me. I only had to help balance the other end while he did all the work. It could not have worked out any better. Was I surprised? Not so much for I have come to expect no less from my loving and infinite source. And isn’t’ that when life really starts to get good when like the Psalmist David we expect those two divine angels to be with us always? Yes, you know the two angels’ names, Goodness and Mercy. See the twenty-third Psalm for details.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

All I Ask Of You

Authors note: A dear friend warned me after hearing the news of the theft of my tailgate that she was fearful that I was being targeted. I replied that we are all targeted. I meant by those two dear angels and our loving and infinite source not some evil conspiracy. Stay open to all the wonderful possibilities.

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