Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 22

Blog 1983 – 02.28.2021

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 22

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 22

Today marks the end of another February and the end of the book Charlotte’s Web. A warm wind is blowing when Wilbur returns home to his beloved farm and barn. Charlotte is gone but her babies will live on and though most of the five hundred plus of Charlotte’s children will ride the warm breeze to other places, one will remain behind to be a friend to Wilbur.

As I first read this concluding chapter I was reminded of the Bible story of Issac who like most boys loved his mother dearly and who after she died married his beautiful cousin Rachel and was by her much comforted in the loss of his mother. No one can take a mother’s place in the heart nor that of a dear departed friend but new friends can be a comfort to us as we can be to them.

We all carry a burden and a bit of baggage from our past relationships but it need not crush us and can even incentivize us to seek new friendships to share the burdens of others and ease our own. Life like love as the saying I quoted recently says was meant to be lived in relationship. We are none of us meant to live alone for in Him (the blessed three that are at the same time One and many) we live, breathe, move, and have our being.

The last three words I added to my morning manta, “I mirror you” come to mind for all we see, hear, taste, and hold are but reflections of the One Self we are. There is little room for fear or hate in this relationship and to entertain them even briefly only brings trouble to paradise as did the serpent to Eden.

There has been much discussion as to just whom that serpent symbolizes. I believe he/she to be a nasty little creature of our own design, ego, who as John Milton’s fallen Angel in his epic poem Paradise Lost shakes his puny little fist at heaven and shouts, “I would rather reign in hell and serve in heaven (or paradise) what a stupid remark that is of one who is as Rhett Butler said of Scarlett O’Hara is throwing away happiness with both hands.

There is a warm breeze blowing and it is not from a mythical lake of fire but from the paradise made for us, home, heaven that begins right here when we remember Who and Whose we truly are and have always been.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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