Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 15

Blog 1976 – 02.21.2021

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 15

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 15

Today in the continuing story of Wilbur and Charlotte, his best friend, we hear the crickets sing, “Summer does not last forever.” Neither does even the longer winter of northern latitudes or far southern ones. All fours season away from the equator vie for first place in our affections and most everyone has a favorite. What is yours?

Summer probably gets a lot of votes as the cricket song implies, but having lived the most of this adventure in the Deep South and eleven months of it, my last year as a teenager, in South Vietnam “long hot summer” is not just a movie title for me but I have etched in my memory quite a few over fifty long humid and hot summers.

Among my more pleasant memories of summer are one I spent in Scotland and another in Alaska that were even during those their hottest months still what I affectionately call, “jacket or sweater weather.” We are just emerging from of one of the coldest weeks of weather that I ever recall in my home town of Houston, Texas. Houston and well most of Texas is ill prepared for cold weather except perhaps for the panhandle up Amarillo way and maybe north of Dallas. Texas is a big state so it is hard to generalize even the weather and like my Australian friends we are quite proud of all our state has to offer. But then that is true of most everyone and their home state or country. Even those who leave for economic or other reasons spend most of their lifetimes dreaming of or actually trying to get back.

As is my custom I have wandered from the crickets singing about summer and favorite weather to immigrants longing for their homeland. We are all immigrants just passing through this time and space illusion on our way back Home. I say, “Enjoy your stay and never mind too much the weather if it is not your favorite, just wait a minute. I have heard the same thing everywhere I have been around this big beautiful blue ball spinning in space: “If you don’t like the weather here just wait a minute and it will change.” And I say, “Thank God, for I get bored easily.”

I suppose that is why I so love rain, snow, wind, and the changing seasons so much. They certainly spice it up a bit don’t they? Many complain about the weather, I just wait and watch in awe and amazement. Stormy, my favorite sister, can really dance and puts on quite a show for all who enjoy a summer, autumn, winter, or spring dance.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Dance

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