Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 14

Blog 1975 – 02.20.2021

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 14

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 14

My daddy was a fisherman and like most if not all fisherman he had his favorite fish tails but none could rival that of Charlotte’s cousin’s retold by Charlotte herself. It is an exciting tale of a fish caught in a spider’s web that ended as most great fish tales do with a savory fish dinner.

I have for health reasons been on a red meat free diet since a few days before Christmas last, I, a guy who for years thrilled at the sound of Sam Elliots voice saying, “Beef, it’s for dinner” I have over the years consumed more than my fair share of Whoppers, Big Macs, and steaks, but no more. I am content to eat chicken and fish for the rest of my stay hoping to make it as long and healthy as possible.

I have lost to date twenty-nine pounds and although I have a goal weight in mind, somewhere in the range of what is considered a healthy weight for someone my age, height, and gender, my real goal is to eat only what is good for my body for the rest of my life however long or short that may be. I have been blessed with good health most of my life. I was a sickly child, but since my teenaged years I have enjoyed the best of health, I suppose shunning most of the habits of friends I grew up with, smoking and drinking in particular, helped me make it thus far. At seventy I have had to say “see you later to scores of my peers, for this or that reason. I often say that is one of the hardest things about growing older and the most important reason to be continually making new and younger friends so that you don’t run out of friends before this adventure ends.

Charlotte and Wilbur’s story has several chapters more to go and I hope those of you who are following it will stay tuned for the last chapter. I assure you it will be worth your while as I try to make each of these encouraging word blogs. It is the least I can do for it is the responsibility of those of us who have received so much from life to share with others and to give back all we can. To quote one of Sir Elton John’s early hit songs, “My gift is my song, this one’s for you.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Time In A Bottle

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