Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 10

Blog 1971 – 02.16.2021

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 10

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 10

Today’s chapter illustrates how waiting expectantly on inspiration can result in an explosion of an idea. I read recently that one should write till they are surprised by their own words. I have experienced that more than a few times, rather impatiently waiting on inspiration to strike. Often it does when least expected so I have found that if I just start writing, expecting an idea to come, it usually does and my Muse may have to hurry to catch up to me but soon I am following her lead.

Charlotte in the story is always searching for the right word, as indeed all writers do, but I have found that often the right word does not come until the tenth rewrite. It may not always look like it, but I read over again and again my blogs hoping to find all the spelling errors, omissions of punctuation, and better more expressive words. The real work is polishing and polishing the idea till it shines.

The process is not like putting lipstick on a pig but more like washing away the mud and straw till the noble ideal idea is revealed. Charlotte saw something in Wilbur worth saving, worth admiration. The little phrase that I mentioned a few days ago comes back to me, “I mirror you.” We have but to open our hearts, our minds, our arms, our hands, our mouths, our ears, and our eyes to receive reflected back at us all the glory that is in us.

Whatever are you getting at today, Crazy Dave? Same song just another verse – You are loved, your are loving, you are altogether lovely for you are indeed Love Him/Herself in physical manifestation.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Writer, mirror holder,

David White

Hey Good Looking, You’re Beautiful

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