Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 11

Blog 1972 – 02.17.2021

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 11

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 11

The dictionary defines a miracle:

Today’s chapter describes the first of many miracles orchestrated by Charlotte to make her friend Wilbur’s life longer and more secure. We all, whether we know it or not, have a friend who loves us that much and more and is more willing to bring miracles into our lives than we are to believe in him or them. I say him out of habit, but her is an equally good pronoun if not better. We all, I believe have a masculine and feminine side to our brains and that is not meant to make us schizophrenic but whole, holy and whole, that is the divine mind capable of seeing miracles in everything.

The Bible account of the beginning says rather poetically more so than scientifically that all there is was spoken into existence by the creative mind of the Universe. And much later the God of the Bible is described in a short enigmatic phrase: “God is all in all.” That sounds like the ending to those ole Warner Brothers cartoons: “That’s all folks.”

It is only the beginning of a story, countless stories, without end – another Biblical phrase, “World without end, Amen.” Last night I watched again the cinematic classic, Elmer Gantry, about a con man who abuses people’s faith to feather his own nest. And, yes, though the story took place in the nineteen twenties it still takes place today because people want desperately to believe in miracles, that there is something bigger, better, higher out there to believe in and there is always someone more than willing to abuse that trust.

The title song to the movie Alfie says, “I believe in something even non-believers can believe in. I believe in love.” Love is the miracle behind all miracles, and he, she, it (pick your own pronoun) is worthy of our belief and our love. Every act should be weighed for love motive not profit or expediency if we are to stay on track and we need to use both sides of our mind and an open heart to do that.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White–thH14sFzV2pqamWT6/view?usp=drivesdk

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