Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 9

Blog 1970 – 02.15.2021

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 9

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 9

Today’ chapter is called Wilbur’s boast. We all have something about ourselves for which we are proud. And yes, I know the familiar warning that says pride goeth before a fall, but I am not taking about self conceit rather just a sweet simple acknowledgment of something we perceive about ourselves that we are pleased to show off. This may not have to be a physical attribute, but often is like Marilyn Monroe’s caboose or Jane Russell’s ample top, Betty Grable’s legs, or Audrey Hepburn’s smile. Many, if not most, of us pay more attention to the opposite sex, but even we can admit there are certain things that we find attractive in our own gender.

As a young skinny kid in what they now call Middle School, then called Junior High, I was pleased when the girls we boys shared a gym with noted my muscular legs. With pride I enjoyed the nick name they gave me, Crazy Legs. I am glad and grateful to say these legs have never failed me and that I intend to exit this stage when my time comes under my own steam on them.

Some exercise and eat right to keep their attractive figures or dress to show off that physical attribute that they are most proud of and why not I say. As the rather plain spoken at times old preacher used to say even an old barn looks prettier if painted. There is something to be said for putting our best foot forward so to speak.

I believe there is something of beauty in each and all of us seeking a crack to shine out of and brighten our world. I often quote one of my favorite lines in the English language, “We have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency might be of God.” That is Who and Whose we are and even He/She cannot fault us for being a little proud of that fact, huh Wilbur, huh Lance?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

C’est Moi

Author’s Note:

Yesterday on Valentine’s Day I watched two romantic movies with my two sweethearts, my loving and lovely wife Linda and her equally so mom, Betty, our mom. The first, Camelot, was my favorite of the two, girl and movie, not theirs. Though it is a musical (I have memorized the soundtrack) there is sword play. It is a guy thing. The second, Letters from Juliet, is a true chick flick, but I liked the male lead who before making the movie played David in the NBC series Kings. Also the actress and actor that played Jenny and Lance in Camelot, Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero, starred in both movies 43 years apart. They were also married four years before the release of Letters. Now that is a true love story.

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