Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 8

Blog 1969 – 02.14.2021

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 8

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 8

For many today a box of candy, shaped like a heart, will be the chosen symbol of their love for their sweetheart. Delicious as assorted chocolates may be, they are probably not all that good for the heart. One of the legends of how the holiday we call Valentines Day began is about a Roman Catholic Saint, a priest named Valentine, who imprisoned for a faith that was usurping the state religion of Paganism, picked heart shaped ivy leaves from a vine just outside his prison cell barred window and pin pricked love notes to be passed to those he loved.

These daily blogs are my love notes to all I love. I recently rewatched the Nicholas Sparks book made into a movie, Note In A Bottle starring Kevin Costner, Robin Wright Penn, and Paul Newman. It is a beautiful and haunting love story as are all of Nichol Sparks stories. A love note in a bottle on the vast ocean or a heart shaped leaf passed to a friend or even a relatively obscure little blog may seem like a grossly inadequate gesture of love in a love starved world. But like the glass of water shared with a thirsty stranger no gift of caring however small goes unnoticed and unrewarded.

I need no large book deal, fame, or hoard of adoring fans as a reward for my writings for I have found my greatest satisfaction in my continuing the effort to achieve a few apples of gold, the best ones causing readers to think or to say, “You took the words right out of my heart if not my mouth.”

Someone once said, “Aren’t you afraid someone will steal your words and claim they are their own?” I laugh at that thought remembering a line often borrowed, “Freely you have received, freely give.” Owning is an ego thing. True lovers own and owe nothing but to love one another.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweethearts. My gift is my words, my poetry, and my song and they are yours as I am…

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

My Funny Valentine

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