Tigger’s Treasure

Blog 1940 – 01.16.2021

Tigger’s Treasure


Tigger’s Treasure

Tigger is one of my favorite characters in the tales of Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin and the Hundred Acre Wood. Today’s picture is a little out of focus, but it was the best I could find and really quite appropriate for a character such as Tigger whose constant bounce would make it difficult to get a clear picture of him.

I have come to admire people who do not let the weight of the world on their hearts, minds, and shoulders rob them of a bounce in their steps. That is Tigger to the tee and the main reason he will always be a hero and and a treasure to me.

More than a few years ago now I read a piece called, “Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.” I started the first grade at five so I never actually attended Kindergarten, but the lessons that I learned in the first grade have stood me well thus far this lifetime. Good manners, the importance of friends, and teamwork are things to build on.

Tigger’s true treasure is his friends, the people who even though they know he is a sandwich short of a picnic still love him all the same. Somewhere along the line we, many of us adults, have mistaken wealth and power for our true security and treasure. It is not, for as one of my all time, not just for Christmas movies, proclaims twice at the end of the movie in both an Angel’s note in a gift book and a Congressional Award Winning brother’s toast: “He is never poor who has friends” and “To my big brother George Bailey, the richest man in town.”

Wanna be richer than Midas, surround yourself with friends. They are better than gold, just ask Tigger, George, Clarence or Joe. They know.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Thank You For Being A Friend

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