Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster

Blog 1938 – 01.14.2021

Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster

Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster

The title of today’s children’s tale has two names of my son’s five. Almost thirty-one years ago we named our son, Jonathan David James Wallace White – Jonathan so he would have a name of his own, David for me, James for my father, Wallace for his mom’s dad, and White, my family name. We knew, my wife and I, since we were almost forty when he arrived that he probably would not have either of his grandfathers for long so we wanted him to carry their names. For over twenty years prior to his birth I had dreamed of naming my son Jonathan David White.

Jon or Jay, as he prefers to be called, only had his paternal grandpa, James for seven years, but fortunately his maternal grandpa Wallace for twenty eight. Jay announced to my wife and I before Christmas, after proposing to his girlfriend, Lauren, that they plan to marry in May, and hope to start a family soon after that. Though an unusual idea, this waiting till wed to start a family, we were both happy about the news and wish our son and his soon-to-be bride God-speed and much happiness.

And should our Jonathan…James have a monster visit in the next few years and he and Lauren need an evening or a weekend off I am sure two sets of happy grandparents would volunteer for monster watch.

Babies are not monsters, well perhaps milk and cookie monsters, but they can make quite a mess of our homes and our hearts, but then the most fun things in life can be rather messy at times. Monsters and masters, babies are both, bring ‘em on.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Sweet Baby James & Long Ago And Far Away

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