Do Princesses Scrape Their Knees?

Blog 1937 – 01.13.2021

Do Princesses Scrape Their Knees?

Do Princesses Scrape Their Knees?

The answer to today’s question is of course, “Yes” and angels and princes do as well. It is the nature of knees and this sometimes rough and tumble world for there to be a few bruises and scrapes along the way, but then what are stitches and scars but participation trophies and medals in the race of life. Wear them proudly, princesses and princes, angels all. Do not let your progress be hindered by fear of a fall.

It has long amazed me to think of how many falls a baby must experience before learning to walk and many of us long experienced walkers still trip and fall from time to time, yet are far from ready to throw in the towel or yell, “I have fallen and I can’t get up.” Life has taught us wiser ones just to just get up, brush ourselves off, and get back in the race. That’s Life as Frank Sinatra sings.

Whether you are a princess, a prince, angel, pawn, a king, or all of them rolled into One, wear proudly those tokens on each knee, and every scrape as if it were a degree, earned and happily. Sometimes I cannot resist resorting to rhyme. I sincerely believe though it may seem off to a bit of a shaky start that this year is going to be the best one yet, award winning.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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