Old Turtle

Blog 1931 – 01.07.2021

Old Turtle


Old Turtle

Today’s story of Old Turtle is an inspiring and uplifting tale, just what we need after yesterday’s very uninspiring and depressing show of hatred and ignorance in our nation’s capital. We have all at one time or another in our lives acted slow as a turtle to accept a truth that was not particularly appealing to us when we first heard it or an unexpected defeat, but we learn eventually all of us that it is foolishness to tilt at windmills, argue with sign posts, and try to deny the plain truth. Maybe in a lifetime yet to come some who instigated the actions of yesterday that will as the soon-to-be Senate Majority leader, Chuck Schumer, said quoting FDR “live in infamy”…maybe even they will see and acknowledge the truth that their candidate lost the Presidential election fair and square and move on.

I have said before and say again that I am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet but I would like to make a prediction. Richard Nixon when he lost a very close Presidential race with John F. Kennedy in 1960 was hurt and disappointed and showed it to reporters when leaving Washington after President Kennedy’s inauguration. He said sulking, “You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore.” But eight years later he was elected President and then re-elected in a true landslide in 1972, only to end his Presidency resigning rather that face impeachment for lying and covering up a crime committed in his name by loyalists.

My prediction is that the Donald will unlike Nixon soon fade out of the headlines and even off page six of the New York Times where he has been for the last twenty years. This guy who has taken up all the oxygen in the room for the last five years is finally out of gas and like a windbag Senator from Wisconsin almost seventy years ago, Joe McCarthy, has had his big balloon burst for good. Oh, I could be wrong. I often am and will be again, but I don’t think so on this call. The train of history is pulling out of the station and he who shall soon no longer be named is not on it.

This opinion piece will not please some and hey I am sorry about that. Perhaps if more people on their side had spoken truth to power louder and longer or even at all things might not have gotten into such a state. Trump even in a statement after a joint session of Congress accepted the state certified electoral votes that he would support a peaceful and orderly transition of power to Biden had to add that his one term Presidency was the greatest ever. I think that the historians and many of us will have to agree to disagree, Mr. Soon-To-Be Ex-President.

My wife, a Republican and fan of Don, says, “When will you ever stop bad mouthing the President?” My answer is, “Today, he is done and I am done writing about him.”

That, friends is the encouraging word for today.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


No Night So Long

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