Minions Snow Day

Blog 1930 – 01.06.2021

Minions Snow Day

Minions Snow Day

We may at not all times realize that we like Despicable Me have a large group of loyal minions always at the ready to do our bidding, but we can if we are fortunate enough to live at a high or low enough latitude enjoy a snow day. A friend of mine who lives in Wisconsin always sends me a Happy Birthday text whenever it snows there for she knows that snow is one of my favorite birthday wishes.

A Birthday Picture From My Wisconsin Friend of Her Yard

A Picture of My Wife’s Mom (Mine too) Rocking on Our Deck in Houston, Texas

Everyone does not love the rain, the snow, and the cold weather as much as I do, most seemingly are fixated on bright sunny days with tropical sunny beaches. The high snow capped mountain vistas always have had more appeal to me, hence the draw, to me at least, of California where it is a short drive to both sunny sandy beaches and evergreen snow capped mountains.

The ying yang symbol expresses graphically what I believe the high life is like, not either/or but both, the bright blessed day and the dark sacred night. The old adage says, “You cannot have your cake and eat it too, you cannot have it all,” but I say, “Why not?” Or as a favorite country song says, “If love never lasts forever, tell me, what’s forever for?”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

What A Wonderful World

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