Blog 1932 – 01.08.2021



A tales of two loving sisters is this Disney story destined to be a classic. As James Brown’s famous rock anthem, It’s A Man’s World, goes, “But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing, without a woman or a girl.” In all the turmoil of late not nearly enough has been said about the incoming new Vice President, a lovely and intelligent lady, Kamala Harris. Hopeful as I was that my country had turned an important corner electing the first man of color, Barak Obama, in 2008, I am even more encouraged by this latest development. To be sure there are many hold outs who are not, people fearful of changing the status quo, unwilling to entertain that this could and should be more than just a man’s world.

Democratic (with a small D) politic is all about building coalitions, bringing together people of various backgrounds and view points to make progress for all, not just a few. For too long the prevalent policy has been all about the many sacrificing their dreams and aspirations to the few with slogans like “for king or queen and country” and “laying down one’s life for their country” being touted by politicians and king makers mostly concerned about feathering their own nests.

The crucifying rabble shouted down the Roman governor’s suggestion of mercy for the King of the Jews with we have no king but Caesar, as they were instructed by their handlers. No king but Caesar indeed, personality cults always fail and leave brokenness, division, and destruction in their wake.

Democracy, though imperfect, is still, Winston Churchill and I believe, far better than any other form of governance that has been tried thus far:

I think we should stick with it and try our best to improve upon it by getting as many people as possible to participate in it not trying to limit input to only a rich and powerful few. The billionaires, the corporate CEO’s and conspiracy theorists will always have the big megaphones, but the will of We The People must always be heard above them all, and that is what slogans like, liberty and justice for all, are all about.

The trouble with the benevolent monarch form of government is that it depends on the goodness of a single person and as the famous political quote goes, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” hence the need to develop a system where power is shared, balanced and watched lest any individual or group get too much of a monopoly on it. I am happy to say after some perilous moments of late that the American experiment seems likely to survive and thrive once again.

Do not be deceived, often terms like “Greater America”, “Greater Germany”, “Greater Whatever” are strongman code for dictatorship.

The highest title should always be Citizen and the highest office be that of Public Servant – In Chief.

The best king, queen, emperor, empress, or Caesar will always be tempted by the irresistible lure of riches and power to serve their own interests first. For that very reason our loyalty as a nation must never be to a person or a party but to the democratic ideal and the Constitution that was written so that We The People would always remain in charge.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

No Natter How Strong

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