It Is Time To Go To Sleep

Blog 1929 – 01.05.2021

It Is Time To Go To Sleep

It Is Time To Go To Sleep

Today is the last of the short noodle family stories and actually consists of mostly the author’s notes about the origin of the noodle stories since they were inspired by other stories as often our dreams are inspired by other’s dreams.

I heard someone once say that being truly adult is being able to entertain two vastly different perspectives in our mind simultaneously. Here goes, as it is high time for us all to wake up it is also nigh time for us all to go to sleep and have sweet dreams.

The primary purpose and use of most if not all children’s stories is to help children to go to sleep so their guardians can go to sleep as well. Often it is not even the meaning of the words so much as it is the loving and soothing tones that lull us to sleep. Not exactly what writers and illustrators aim for perhaps, but true nonetheless.

Story telling is an ancient art form and I believe we all have at least one story that like the Ancient Mariner we feel compelled to tell. Some of us like large nosed comedian, Jimmy Durante, “Ha Cha Cha, we got a million of them.” I still plan and intend if permitted to publish ten thousand of them right here and hope more will increasingly follow along.

Where and at whatever time you are reading this right now I hope you are simultaneously wide awake and fast asleep, enjoying the dream.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

A Million Dreams

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