Sam and Jane Go Camping

Blog 1925 – 01.01.2021

Sam and Jane Go Camping

Sam and Jane Go Camping

What better way to end an old year and begin a new one than with continuing Noodle Tales, well off hand I cannot think of any. Sam and Jane and gang continue their camping adventures as we do ours. An old and familiar Christian song says, “This world is not my home. I am just a passing through.” If that is true, and I believe it is, I think too many times we get so caught up in these dreams that we think them permanent, building big fine homes and furnishing them finely, thinking we are going to get to reside in them forever. At best they are only apartments we rent for a season.

This last year I have due to Covid-19 had the wonderful privilege of getting to spend the whole of it in my lovely home in Houston, Texas with my wife Linda. The eight years previous I have spent almost entirely in my twenty-foot camper trailer that I lovingly refer to as my little house on wheels on the prairie. Several of those winters I was forced to find lodging in nearby motels where I was working because in the high north country many campgrounds close for the winter months at least those in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and Minnesota did. I rode out the winters in Wyoming and Indiana snug in my little moveable home on wheels.

In my travels I have met a lot of weekend campers, but also a few like myself who work the year round away from family and longtime friends most of the time. Ours is a life that seems an unusual choice to many, too hard a one for many to even think of making, but it is a life we all live really no matter the delusions we buy into. We are all of us, every moment of our adventure here in time and space, traveling through the galaxy at great speed circling a certain familiar star counting off the years of this life. Each sunrise and each sunset finds us in a different place in the Universe and like in my camper we never even have to pack a bag to take to our next destination.

We are, indeed, travelers throughout time and space constantly on the move with everyone and everything about us even our own bodies ever changing. The illusive dream of permanence is all that keeps us imprisoned in these tiny bodies. Our minds and spirits are ever free to fly away and the later will indeed someday. That day will be far less a surprise if we open our minds to traveling now.

Well, as usual I had fun with this morning piece. I hope you did too. At the risk of sounding trite: Happy New Year, Pilgrims, I believe with all of my pilgrim heart that it is going to be the best year yet.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Illusive Butterfly

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