The Browns Take A Day Off

Blog 1924 – 12.31.2020

The Browns Take A Day Off

The Browns Take A Day Off

There are great merits to just taking a day off as today’s children book story illustrates. Among the many things that I obsess about is my morning bike ride. I drive myself to accomplish this little morning exercise feat, though I recently celebrated my seventieth birthday, and I plan to ride as long as I have the breath and balance to do so. I have in the past been like the old postal delivery slogan, “neither snow, nor wind, nor rain” not keeping me from my appointed rounds. But, I, of late, have taken to enjoying on especially rainy mornings an occasional day off. I mean really, crazy Dave, even God in the Bible creation story took one day off.

I was talking to my lovely niece, Michelle, yesterday, making sure that she got to read the blog that I wrote especially for her on her birthday last November 28th, and as as she looked up my Word Press domain on her phone she said, “So you write a blog every day?” I proudly responded, “Yes, everyday.” I want to be a well-read and beloved author and having made that intention to the Universe, I daily take this small step in that direction. Making my own dreams come true? Perhaps, but, then don’t we all really?

I hope you enjoy, today’s children’s book, my brief blog, and the cover song I picked to go with it on this last day of 2020. Who would have ever guessed all that this year held in store. Here’s hoping 2021 will be more encouraging and a lot less divisive and deadly with fewer days off for us working guys and girls.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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