The Egyptian Polar Bear

Blog 1923 – 12.30.2020

The Egyptian Polar Bear

The Egyptian Polar Bear

Animals are fascinating to children as they indeed should be to all of us. There are at least two great camps that continue to vie for preeminence in the teaching of children:

1. The teach them what to think, perpetuating much misinformation, camp

2. The teach them how to think & to search for deeper understanding camp

I am of the second school of thought which is forever re-examining what we think we know to see if there is more to learn. Some of the greatest discoveries have come from challenging the accepted though always imperfect understandings of the past. I saw this great quote:

I submit to you that the surest, fastest, way to change the world is by first changing ourselves. And the way we do that is by simply changing our minds. Try it today with just one thought that you are so very sure is right. Look at the reverse of that and imagine thinking that instead. Heresy you say, no just scientific investigation.

The real heresy or tyranny in the world is the attempt to control the thoughts of others. Much is said about free speech and liberty, but there can never be either of those without freedom of thought. Fear and suspicion are the tools most often used in attempts to discourage free thinking by those who would control us to their benefit and our hurt.

George Orwell’s book, 1984, is a tale of world where lies are sold and told as truths and people are imprisoned for re-education whose minds question the party line. Sound familiar? I saw another great quote along this line:

If we must hang our free thinking mind on the door before marriage, joining a religion, club, or party, then perhaps alone is the better way to go. Some believe that we are born alone, live our lives alone, and die alone. I do not, but choose to think and believe that we are holy and whole and that we are forever one with all there is.

There are two great trains of thought in this world, the louder, more boisterous, and overbearing one is the ego, shouting this and that. The second is the still small voice that is our true higher mind that we can only access in quiet consideration and meditation. “Be still and know that I am God.” When we hear and follow this voice some are not going to like it, the loud crowd, but hey thinking for one’s self has never been the popular choice, but it is the world changing one. Wanna be just one of the crowd or a polar bear in Egypt? The choice is yours as it is mine.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Closer To Fine

4 thoughts on “The Egyptian Polar Bear

  1. And roller skates. My wife’s banks wanted me to do ballon animals and clown for a booth they had at a pre-rodeo barbecue they were having with several other merchants in Houston, Texas. I was having a ball zipping around the parking lot on breaks between ballon animal crowds on my yellow zipper boots with metal skates screwed to the soles. One lady was really enjoying my free-spirited antics and shouted out loud at me, “You really have big balls.” Not to be out done, I yelled back at her, “Thanks for noticing, Pretty Lady.” Your comment forced me to re-read the blog to understand your remarks. I can only say, “Thank you for noticing, Kind Sir.” When someone gets us, notices the unique effort to be who and whose we really are and not some plastic imitate of a person, it is an encouraging thing. Again, thanks, for noticing. Your articles are often so deep that I have to stretch to get their meaning and sometime there meaning so spontaneous to for me, it is as if you took the words right out of my heart and mouth. Isn’t that what we as writers hope for most? Keep it up my fellow writer and brother. Someday, some place I hope we get an eon or two to personally compare notes.


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