Night-Night, Princess

Blog 1922 – 12.29.2020

Night-Night, Princess

Night-Night Princess

One of my favorite obscure lines in all of English literature is from the Bible: “Is it not written that ye are gods.” In fairy tales every little boy is a prince and every little girl a princess, but theirs and our true identities are of a higher even more divine order. The kings and queens of old lay claim to a divine right to reign. Isn’t that what all the begets of the Bible are really all about, tracing our origins back to our loving and infinite source. We all have a pedigree, royal and divine. As Jesus was so are we in this world, a prince/princess in disguise on a mission from God, like the Blues Brothers.

I love that movie, which was a perfect vehicle for the comedic talents of John Belushi. He played singer and front man for the Blues Brothers blues band, Joliet Jake. In my work travels I was privileged to live in an RV campground for a couple of months in Joliet, Illinois home of the Joliet Correctional Center prison from 1858 to 2002. It was closed before I got there, but was featured in the movie.

Jake and his brother, Elwood, played by Dan Aykroyd, are on a mission to raise money for the Catholic school about to close for lack of funds, aka Bells of St. Mary’s, that they attended as boys and they promise not to fail the head penguin, head nun, at the school. A highlight of their quest is a thrilling car chase through a mall as the boys are running from the law. We have in this country a long tradition of holding up outlaws as heroes, cheering for the underdogs, and being a bit skeptical that the rules are too often made by the rich and powerful to benefit them and their own interests above those of the rest of us.

But, back to my point, we all have a rightful claim to royalty and as such to be above the pettiness of striving for one-up-man-ship over anyone else. Sleep well, child and heir of the Universe, and rise to face each new day, expecting it to be as divine as you are.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Also royal brother,

David White

C’est Moi (Our song, not just mine.)

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