Curious George Before and After

Blog 1900 – 12.07.2020

Curious George Before and After

Curious George Before and After

Curiosity, the conservative philosophers tell us, killed the cat, but then they are not the only ones who wish to keep us from looking behind the curtain where not just conspiracy theorists find a few pulling the strings of the many to their own ends. Democracy has never been a popular idea of the rich and powerful who like bears do not like to share.

The myth of the self made man pulling himself up by his own boot straps has long been the preferred propaganda of those who try hard to cover up and distort the historical facts regarding great wealth accumulation. It is not just a cliche that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Even the Bible, not always the most reliable of books, for it was as all books are still written by fallible men, says plainly:

I do not believe that an eternal burning hell awaits anyone even those who get rich off the backs of the poor, but I do believe that there are consequences to willfully robbing and hurting others. History bears this out that adjustments are made and that the scales from time to time are balanced. Often the thief is allowed a lesser sentence if he pays back that which he stole, indeed it appears philanthropy is in at least some cases an attempt to do just that. Do a few good deeds in the latter part of a life free one from the consequences of a lifetime of cheating and short changing others to feather one’s own nest? Not likely.

I was working in Scotland some years before our soon to be latest one term President, Donald J. Trump, came to power. The Scots were even then, most of them, not Trump fans. It seems Mr. Trump had bought land and built a large golf course and resort in Scotland and had refused to pay the contract builders claiming their work was inferior. Mr. Trump has a long history of using this particular tactic to hold on to his money and increase his net worth.

I am reminded of the old saw, “You cannot do wrong and get by, no matter how hard you may try. “The truth will always surface, and every secret lie, despite confidentiality agreements and law suits, be eventually shouted from the housetops, Bible again, purportedly Jesus own words, that shouted from the housetops last part.

Curious George gets himself into a tight place from time to time but there is no criminal intent in his curious behavior and neither he nor anyone else is truly hurt by it. Secret schemes and deals to best others in business though touted as the art of the deal always have a hidden cost to the wheelers and dealers as well as all those they have cheated. Great houses, even casinos, and golf resorts built on shifting sand still come crashing down on the heads of con men. And to quote the Bible again, “How are the mighty fallen.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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